The following are costless activities to do while traveling through almost any country in the world – you don’t have to let cash dictate whether you enjoy your time abroad!

Walking Tours

Walking tours are a fabulous way to experience a new destination for free, and the majority of cities around the world excel at being pedestrian friendly. It’s a great way to orientate yourself with a new location while taking in the most popular tourist attractions, and seeing a city’s top landmarks is absolutely free.

Lay on a Beach

There’s nothing more enjoyable than lying in the sun, and if you’ve planned ahead and packed a compact travel hammock for the beach, you’re already set with a recipe for success!

Many of the world’s major cities have their own beaches, from Chicago to New York and Sydney, so even if you’ve traveled with no intention of hitting the beach, perhaps you should make a quick change of plans! Even landlocked cities like Paris create their own makeshift beach during the summer months.


One of the best ways to experience part of a city or town that few tourists ever see is to throw on your hiking shoes and trek as the locals do. Many times the greatest sites are nearby tourist attractions which just require a little bit of effort to get to, but many people while traveling don’t take time to explore.

People Watch

Part of experiencing a new destination is fully immersing yourself, and that sometimes requires taking time to just sit! Park yourself on an outside seat and allow yourself the time to sit and watch the world go by. People watching is a fascinating pastime, especially if witnessing a completely different culture to that of your own, and part of the fun is imagining people’s life stories – where they came from, what they do, and where they’re going.

Visit a Church

Places of worship are a fantastic free option for exploring a city, and regardless of your religion, these are often the most amazing buildings that a city will have on display.

For instance there are stunning temples all over Asian cities, and churches, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and basilicas still play a very important role in the city landscapes.

Take photos

Recap your days with your travel mates. Afford yourself every ability to look back on this trip and remember the most wondrous of details, big and small. Just be sure not to spend too much time on Instagram. You’ll miss out on the adventures you wanted to remember in the first place!

Eat something new

Try something that makes you scared. Resist the temptation to plan, plan, plan. Whatever your comfort zone is, push yourself outside of it—even if it’s just an inch or two. A truly great and memorable trip will teach you something about yourself—and may even change you a bit. The only way to do that is to shake things up.